Your Love Forecast: Having a Sunny Dating Outlook

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Tristan Coopersmith is the author of MENu Dating: Taste Test Your Way to the Main Course– a single girl’s guide to falling in like, falling in love and falling into bed. Check out her book in retailers nationwide, online and on her site: For musings on dating, follow her on twitter: @tristan_coop.

The weather in LA this month has been a wild ride. One-minute torrential rain, the next bright sun shining down on you giving hope that a rainbow will appear and then moments later more rain followed by thunder and a tornado tweet alert. I’ve had a hard time taking my eyes off of it all – enjoying the moment but also curious to see what will come next. And it is that exact unpredictability in dating that makes it so exciting. It is why we get sweaty palms before a date, butterflies when his name pops up on our caller ID and also turn to our trusty BFFs Ben & Jerry when all does not go our way. It is hope that as Annie says, “the sun will come out tomorrow”… or rather, that we will have a great date to leave us glowing and another one to look forward to, that keeps us going.

If you follow any LA based tweeps or Facebookers you would be hard pressed to find any weather optimists as of late. They like their sunshine, 24/7. Not much different than daters like good dates, 100% of the time. But here’s the thing, although there are upsides to being in the warm sun all the time, seasonal diversity is much more thrilling, just like diversified dating experiences and they undeniably lend themselves to greater learning opportunities (or at the very least, hilarious stories with your girlfriends over Bloody Mary’s at brunch).

Instead of trying to predict your love forecast which you can’t anymore than you can the weather, concentrate on controlling your dating weather channel. Is your radar set on sunny? Partly sunny? Partly cloudy? Work towards a sunny forecast in your heart and mind and assume that despite what text you may not have gotten back last night or what a disappointment who’s-his-face was on your blind date, know that yesterday’s dating weather pattern was necessary for today’s and that today’s could bring new love opportunities tomorrow, especially if your forecast is filled with optimism. Sunny attracts sunny and no guy wants a repeat date with a woman, no matter how beautiful she may be, if she is accessorized with a cloud overhead.

Live and love largely,


Found on Twitter: dating fails this week

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What’s a bad date without a little Twitter #FAIL?

Here are a few of this week’s highlights from the Twitterverse on bad dates, online dating, and other things that can go wrong in your love life. Thanks for sharing, guys!

From @eatingjourney: @jennifersutter I have NEVER gotten past a second date. Me and dating = epic fail. Maybe I need new nail polish and a cop. 🙂

From @MADSONMONEYD: RT @yoly84: Went to speed dating and ex showed up. #fail>>lol

From @Hussy_trash: I’ve been talking on a dating service to someone Ive known for almost 5 years. #FAIL #debdates

From @Vd0tR0Xz: I hate when u go out on one date wit a dude… And he feels it’s ok to tell every other second that he basically wants to beat #FAIL

From @Emily_apathetic: @joshthomas87 if you werent dating @tomcballard and if i wasnt horifically ugly, id make out with u. But u are and i am, so, fail.

From @rashidaZakiya: #thoushallnot try to lick thy elbow while in public on a first date.EMBARRASING!! #fail

From @djtinat: Dinner date tonight = #fail. I hope my back patting hug was enough to give him the hint.

From @harmonymist: i just went on a first date that was perfectly fine, but no spark. I made out with him and felt nothing…absolutely nothing. #fail

Just when you thought the internet was a safe place to look for dates…

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The internet is an increasingly common resource to use when looking for love and advice, but unfortunately there are no guarantees on the quality of either that you might find.

FAILBlog posted a few dating #fails found online, proving once again that the internet is a scary, scary place.

The mating call of the out-of-touch dirty old man:

Really? You have no other dating criteria?

I wonder why she left…

Source: FAILBlog

The new “double dating”

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New dating tip: before going out on a blind date, check your rolodex to see if you've already met the person.

New question to ask before being set up on a blind date: Have I already been set up with her?

The only thing worse than an awkward blind date is being set up on another blind date with that same person. Again.

That really happened to Scott Alan Mantz, film critic for “Access Hollywood,” whose recent marriage to actress Andrea Ronni Sabesin was profiled in the New York Times Weddings and Celebrations:

Mr. Mantz’s moment of truth was on a particularly awkward blind date: “We met at the restaurant, and I realized I had gone out with her 10 years before,” he said.

Awwwwkward. Is the world really so small and the dating pool so shallow that if you stay single long enough you will run out of new people to date? Mantz’ story may sound extreme, but he’s not alone. A search on the subject quickly turned up another disaster about a woman who has been set up on a blind date with the same person twice multiple times.

If this happens to you, either fate is telling you something or you need to expand your search a bit. But until then there’s no harm in erring on the side of caution and asking for details before a setup while cross-checking your dating resume to make sure you’re not double dating the same person. Or ask for a photo.

Online dating rule: never send money to someone you haven’t met

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This should have been a no-brainer, but apparently a man swindled almost £100 from British women he met on, a UK-based dating website.

By posing as a U.S. Special Forces officer called Captain Antonio Grosso, a supposed Afghanistan war hero, the con artist spun tales of caring for his cancer stricken son after his wife died three years ago. And by the way, would you mind lending me £450 to pay for his hospital bill. You will? Great, just wire the money to this Nigerian bank account…

Using a fabricated profile, fake pictures, legitimate seeming email addresses, and forged military emails and documents,  the man was able to gain the trust of up to 20 women, including a banker and an ex-police officer, proving once again that love is truly blind.

Although he spoke to the women nightly–proposing to one– each of the women were guilty of the first rule of internet dating: never send money to someone you’ve never met in person. And even then, why do you want to date someone with that much baggage and needs to borrow money?

A modest effort to combat the problem is, a site that tracks online dating scammers. Think you’re communicating with an online romance scammer? Take this quiz to find out.


If you thought your date last night was bad…

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I’d probably be doing it even if it weren’t my job, but I’m constantly researching dating and matchmaking stories online. While searching for first date tips, I came across an article that discusses the importance of rules in dating. I’m more of a “the rules” girl than not, but I have been told that they’re outdated. I mean, the rules don’t exactly address what to do when the guy brings his mom, but I think I could call an audible without the author’s help.

Basically, rules are good to have, but they’re better if they’re more like guidelines that are a little forgiving. I mean, everyone at some point or another has totally bombed a first date, so cut the other person a little slack, right?

But the best part of this Australian article about dating isn’t the tips about not nervously playing with your phone, which can be misinterpreted by your date, but the snippets from those on dating front lines:

Alex, 30: “He told me he ‘could be’ recording our conversation on his phone.”

Jeff, 29: “She told me that it wasn’t actually her I was talking to the other day on MSN, but her sister, but she’d printed a copy of the conversation so she could read it.”

Ari, 26: “He told me he collected proverbs and I needed to give him one by the end of the date.”

Jane, 55: “He booked a fancy restaurant to impress me, then on the way home he stops the car under the Punt Road bridge, opens the door and vomits – spraying my lovely new pink pants suit.”

Jacqui, 25: “I went on a date to a Thai restaurant where I accidentally flicked chilli into my eye. My eye and entire right side of my face puffed up. I was in so much pain I left not long afterwards. He never called again.”

Michael, 39: “He said he had an obsession with language, like Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind, except with words.”

Anonymous, 28: “My date took me to see Knocked Up at the cinema. Halfway through the movie, he left the cinema without saying a word and didn’t return for more than half an hour. When I confronted him at the end of the date he admitted that while he had a small drug problem, he believed me to be the kind of girl he could get clean for.”

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Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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