New university course explains modern love

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If you want to know why people have “friends with benefits” or why you date toxic bachelors, you could ask your mom, read a bunch of advice columns, or watch Sex and the City again. Or you could take a class on it.

Dr. Manfred van Dulmen, assistant professor at Kent State University, developed “Sex and Romance in the 21st Century,” a new course to help students understand why people enter into certain types of romantic relationships.

Consider it Psych 101, but for your sex life.

“In many universities there are courses on personal and interpersonal relationships that focus on marriage and cohabitation, but I wanted to develop a course that would cover broader relationships,” says Dr. van Dulmen.

Filling that void, the curriculum utilizes new research on dating and relationships, such as hooking up, mating selection, and rejection, and explores how early personal relationships–such as with parents–impact future romantic encounters.

Finally, an authoritative source, class, and textbook the explains every dating mistake I’ve ever made.

Although it’s not a required course (per my suggestion), the twice-weekly class is open to any Kent State student. And no, it’s not yet available online. But the need for adult continuing education in this field is huge.



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