Your Love Forecast: Having a Sunny Dating Outlook

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The weather in LA this month has been a wild ride. One-minute torrential rain, the next bright sun shining down on you giving hope that a rainbow will appear and then moments later more rain followed by thunder and a tornado tweet alert. I’ve had a hard time taking my eyes off of it all – enjoying the moment but also curious to see what will come next. And it is that exact unpredictability in dating that makes it so exciting. It is why we get sweaty palms before a date, butterflies when his name pops up on our caller ID and also turn to our trusty BFFs Ben & Jerry when all does not go our way. It is hope that as Annie says, “the sun will come out tomorrow”… or rather, that we will have a great date to leave us glowing and another one to look forward to, that keeps us going.

If you follow any LA based tweeps or Facebookers you would be hard pressed to find any weather optimists as of late. They like their sunshine, 24/7. Not much different than daters like good dates, 100% of the time. But here’s the thing, although there are upsides to being in the warm sun all the time, seasonal diversity is much more thrilling, just like diversified dating experiences and they undeniably lend themselves to greater learning opportunities (or at the very least, hilarious stories with your girlfriends over Bloody Mary’s at brunch).

Instead of trying to predict your love forecast which you can’t anymore than you can the weather, concentrate on controlling your dating weather channel. Is your radar set on sunny? Partly sunny? Partly cloudy? Work towards a sunny forecast in your heart and mind and assume that despite what text you may not have gotten back last night or what a disappointment who’s-his-face was on your blind date, know that yesterday’s dating weather pattern was necessary for today’s and that today’s could bring new love opportunities tomorrow, especially if your forecast is filled with optimism. Sunny attracts sunny and no guy wants a repeat date with a woman, no matter how beautiful she may be, if she is accessorized with a cloud overhead.

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