Singles (Not Just Students) Ought to Spring into Spring Break

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Tristan Coopersmith is the author of MENu Dating: Taste Test Your Way to the Main Course– a single girl’s guide to falling in like, falling in love and falling into bed. Check out her book in retailers nationwide, online and on her site: For musings on dating, follow her on twitter: @tristan_coop.

When the clocks spring forward, NCAA bracket bets put a dent in your latte budget and girls capitalize on the slightest drop in temperature by flaunting their latest sundress score, you can just feel Spring Break in the air. Whether you are in college or have been out as long as Dewey Decimal, if you are single, you should be going on and celebrating Spring Break.

A week in Cancun complete with body shots, flashing for reality TV show cameras and unlimited casual encounters with guys whose names are not required, you say? Not exactly. What I’m prescribing is Spring Break liberation – a dusting off of winter’s past – whether you’ve been through a recent breakup, swore this was your season for good lovin but all you got was chapped lips, had a series of miserable dates, a lackluster boyfriend who kept you cozy but not inspired, put off dating to concentrate on your career meanwhile finding yourself less than fulfilled by a battery operated replacement or a bum booty call – whatever you need to shed, and however you choose to shed it – be it indulging in a raucous, leave-the-camera-at-home, Spring Break adventure, all stereotypes included, or opt for a week away with the girls to a more mature destination (i.e. shoes and shirt required at dinner, drinks that come in glasses not plastic cups, etc), a Spring Break getaway can be just what a single girl needs to say buh-bye to the winter blues and spring into summer with confidence and optimism. So gather your BFFs, treat yourself to a cute new swimsuit and book some last minute tickets to somewhere that serves girly drinks out of coconuts… the rest as detailed below, will follow:

Spring into body confidence. A week in your bikini will get you feeling awesome about your body. Even if you’re not head-over-heels in love with what you see in the mirror, living with yourself and your girlfriends who don’t pass judgment, will help you get comfortable in your own skin. A woman secure in her appearance is one of the sexiest things in a world to a man. Plus you’ll return with that healthy tan glow that makes any woman shine a little brighter.

Spring into pro-flirting. Make it your mission on Spring Break to return a certified flirting diva. Shed your inhibitions and audition all of the flirty moves you’ve been wanting to try but have been to shy to on your home turf. You’ve got nothing to lose (since the chance of a second run-in with a guy you flirt with is little to none) but ace flirting skills that’ll last a dating lifetime, to gain.

Spring into sexual freedom. Park thoughts of boyfriends, husbands and finding Mr. Right, along with your car at the airport and use this time for rejuvenating no-strings attached fun. Whether you spontaneously makeout with the hot bartender or go for a full on vacationship with an international hottie (if you think you might – please read the Vacationship section of MENu Dating first!), use Spring Break to unleash your sexual freedom.

Spring into experimentation. Spring Break is the ideal time to step out of your “type” and sample the man menu. One of the best things about vacation dating is that you can’t easily pre-judge a guy…. Meaning it is tough to tell much about a man in swim trunks so baked in blockers (no Wall Streeters, no starving artists, etc) naturally shed themselves. Use this opportunity to taste test… you might be surprised by the flavor profiles you like… and will therefore pack a newfound open-mindedness to take home with you.

Spring into happiness. Delighting in the sunshine for a week will do wonders for your spirit. Toss any unmet expectations, disappointments or other doldrums in the ocean and use the time to drink up the goodness in the form of rays and relaxation. Heading back home with a recharged, refreshed, happy heart will give you a healthier outlook on love, not to mention make you doubly attractive to the new guys you meet.

Travel safely and largely,



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