Don’t Underestimate The Dating Potential Thru Friendships

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Single City Guy is a dating blogger who lives in New York City (Brooklyn to be exact.) He shares his dating stories, experiences, advice and the male prospective of dating thru his blog at Single City Guy will frequently post his dating stories (the good, the bad and the ugly) on the Thread Blog. This story was originally posted here.

Image Source: Fredrik Wass on Flickr

This weekend after Christmas was very interesting. A friend of mine needed a place to stay, and I was on his short list. He was spending time in New York City for the next two weeks and some of his plans fell thru. He had one of two options, call me or become a bum on the street. I was able to accommodate for the space and allow him to hang out in a free room (no couch sleeping during the winter, that’s just rude)! Sunday, we went to a brunch where we were meeting a few of his friends. All of these individuals were in the tech and social media arena, and two of them were hot women.

It was odd, being in the arena for years I usually end up meeting pretentious beautiful women, or geeks who scare women away. This group wasn’t any of the above, and were a very cool and interesting bunch. I also realized, this is the group I should be hanging around more often, and where I could have a better chance of finding a potential date who met my interests. I wouldn’t have been exposed to them if it wasn’t for my friend.

Many people blow off potentially meeting someone thru their friends. I’ve met some of the most amazing people, thru my friends. Some of these have turned into even better dates. Usually the friends of friends have the same interests, tastes and likes. While there’s going to be many disagreements, there’s enough similarities that make introductory conversation easy and interesting. At the brunch, one of the really attractive women at the table, knew about programming. While she had a boyfriend, being able to talk to her about the differences in programming language and their platforms was refreshing. It made me want to find more women like her, or her friends!

If we remember PR Model (more updates about her soon), she was a blind date from a friend. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about the dynamic I have with her. She’s been breaking every rule I’ve learned when it comes to dating. Which is a good thing. I was thinking about the way we interact with each other, and while awkward at times (due to my part), it has been very good. While our interests may not match completely, we get along quite well. I’m surprised how responsive she has been to phone calls and texts. The friend who set us up on this blind date must have realized we would get along well with each other. So far she was right.

Finding dates thru friends isn’t a new idea. There are as many good as they are bad stories about a hookup from a friend. I’ve been warned and assisted by my friends, and they are usually right. I’ve often found out the hard way. Meeting people thru friends is like a natural wing-person opportunity (that is if you have a bad wingman). They help you, by introducing you to new people, and pointing you in the right direction.

I think I should rely on their suggestions more often, it’s led to more success than failure.

Image Credit: Fredrik Wass on Flickr


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