Cheap date ideas that don’t make you look like a cheapskate

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Not so long ago I ran into a guy at a party who said he’s strictly a coffee first date guy because going out for dinner or drinks was getting too expensive.

I wasn’t impressed with that strategy, and chances are, his dates weren’t either.  In fact, calling himself out as a cheapskate by going with the safe coffee date is probably a contributing factor to his singleness.

I get it — money is tight these days, especially for you serial daters out there. But that’s no excuse for the proliferation of the uber casual, no thought involved “screener” dates. One girl I know has had to endure the awkward “walk in the park” first date, no offer of coffee either.

Part of the problem is that it’s hard coming up with fun yet cheap ways to spend an evening, especially if you live in San Francisco. That’s where $30 Date Night comes in.

Possibly my new favorite site (right after, $30 Date Night is the brilliant idea of Australian newlyweds Dennis and Emma Merkas. The website offers user generated date ideas by season, time of day, and location.

Kind of a Yelp for date ideas, Emma and Dennis blog about their date nights, often going on the best and worst suggested date nights that their users suggest. But not all of the ideas are first-day appropriate (you may want to save naked twister, cooking dinner naked, and taking a bath together for the second date), and others that may sound a little hokey, such as today’s suggestion of star-gazing, can be fancied up a bit with a decent bottle of champagne.

Some interesting ideas from the site:

  • Burgers at Taylor´s Automatic Date Idea: Order burgers at Taylor´s Automatic in the Ferry Building, share your fries. Maybe order a PBR to go with it. Once you have eaten, take a stroll along the Embarcadero and enjoy the lovely sights along the bay.
  • Making an evening chasing down the Tamale Lady and Creme Brulee Guy
  • Vampire Tour of SF

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