Playing matchmaker…for your ex?

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Credit: Nynne Katrine Davidsen

I don’t follow a lot of celebrity gossip, but I remember seeing tabloid photos and headlines of the Kate Moss/Pete Doherty relationship, and it wasn’t pretty.

Their tumultuous two-year relationship was marred by drug use and jealous rages, finally ending in 2007.

While Moss has moved on, Doherty isn’t out of her life — she’s trying to be his matchmaker, according to a recent AOL UK article.

Sounds sweet, but maybe not the best idea at this time — the girl she has in mind for her ex is the band mate of her current boyfriend, Jamie Hince of The Kills. Maybe a little too close for comfort?

Questionable dating and matchmaking skills aside (I mean, would you take dating advice from Kate Moss?), is it ever a good idea to set up your ex?

In my experience, it rarely works out in your favor. If the new couple hits it off, you probably just lost a friend, because while you want to have lots of things in common with your friends, dating histories isn’t one of them.

Admittedly, I’m not one of those overly well-adjusted people who is totally cool with their friends sleeping with their exes, but not for the obvious reasons. I can get past the whole sex thing and jealously (I think), but I’m not a fan of the dating dirt that is often dug up when a new relationship begins, especially when the dirt is about me.

And while at the time I think I’m doing my ex a favor, I’m probably not doing myself any by keeping past relationships in the present, possibly upsetting my current main squeeze.

But that’s just me.

Source: AOL UK


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