5 “beyond the dinner date” ideas for San Francisco

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San Francisco is a fairly sophisticated little city, and it’s getting harder and harder to impress a date. So don’t.

Before you scour Yelp for a trendy new eatery that he or she has probably already been to, shake it up a bit by forgoing the traditional dinner date for something, um, hokier. Yes, hokey is the new hip.

Seward Street Slides. More an adult playground than a kiddie park, the cement slides on Seward Street are the cheapest thrill you can get in San Francisco. Show you planned ahead by bringing cardboard for increased speed and a bottle of champagne for the victor.

Ice skating in Union Square or roller skating down the Embarcadero. They say that adrenaline rushes promote bonding, and strapping on a pair of skates is an easy way to get some blood flowing. It’s romantic, promotes hand holding, and you’ll both need a drink after.

Skee Ball at any bar. Girls love Skee Ball. It’s easy, it kind of counts as a sport, and unlike most physical activities you partake in, you actually get a prize at the end.

Night at the museum. No, not the un-funny Ben Stiller movie. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy the city’s finest museums: without children and with a cocktail. DJs, hands on exhibits, and a cash bar team up to create a museum experience that you and your date won’t have to pretend to enjoy: Exploratorium After Dark, Friday nights at the De Young (King Tut Fridays!), California Academy of Sciences NightLife, After Hours @ Zeum

Trolley ride down to the Wharf: I know you shudder at the thought of mingling with hoards of tourists, but at night the trollies are near empty and offer one of the best tours of the city. For $10 it’s about as expensive as a taxi cab, and probably a million times safer and more pleasant. And I know what you think of Fisherman’s Wharf, but Pier 39 is quiet romantic after dark, and it brings a little of the seaside boardwalk to the city. Once you get past the “oh my god, I’m actually in Fisherman’s Wharf” shock, you’ll actually enjoy experiencing the city through tourists’ eyes.



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