Esquire’s rules to live and date by

December 9, 2009 at 11:57 am | Posted in Dating Tips, Social Media | Leave a comment
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We already know you should never date a man who lives with his mom or a woman who has more than three cats, but beyond that there’s a lot of grey area in the dating-sphere.

Esquire has been filling that void by rolling out a few tips on twitter to keep in mind when meeting someone at the next holiday party:

Rule No. 51: #nevertrust anyone who, within five minutes of meeting you, tells you where he went to college. #rules

Rule No. 110: #nevertrust anyone with a home- or cell-phone number that ends in 00. #rules

Rule No. 187: #nevertrust a man named after a body part. Rule No. 188: Especially if that body part is a pinkie.

Rule No. 601: #nevertrust a woman who refers to her breasts as separate entities (e.g. “the girls”). #rules

Rule No. 254: #nevertrust a man who uses nautical metaphors. #rules

And from personal experience:

Rule No. 721: #nevertrust a guy who calls himself a serial entrepreneur

Rule No. 722: #nevertrust a guy who says he gets comped in Las Vegas

Rule No. 723: #nevertrust a guy who offers to buy you a shot of anything, especially Jager

Rule No. 724: #nevertrust a woman who uses a bikini shot in their Facebook profile picture

Rule No. 725: #nevertrust a woman who swears by the rules


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