Bankers need love, too

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When your profession becomes synonymous with greed and is perceived responsible for tanking the global economy, you could probably use a little help finding love.

Not that your judgement is in question, which it is, but it helps to have an extra set of hands drumming up a little PR campaign, running interference on your profession’s behalf, and finding the 6 percent of women who don’t resent your being.

Good luck with that!

That’s where Samantha Daniels fits in. She specializes in finding love for bankers in NY and LA, and despite the $25,000 price tag for her services, she has seen a 30 percent increase in revenue. Would it be a stretch to tie her increased business to the drop in sex workers’ bottom line?

Daniels gave an interview to Fortune magazine to shed light on the  dating dilemmas of financiers. On the upside, bankers are now looking for more than physical characteristics and requesting “stand by your man” type of women. On the downside, they’re still men and want their Tammy Wynette-esq woman to be a supermodel with a Harvard education.

And if you’re a banker but can’t afford her services, here are some dating tips from the Wall Street Matchmaker:

  • Don’t complain about how bad you’re doing financially, especially if they’re doing worse e.g., don’t complain about not getting your bonus this year. No one did.
  • Be subtle when bragging. “For example, a typical first-date conversation is travel. Say you have a house in the Hamptons. Start by asking her, how did you spend your summer? Did you go away? She’ll probably turn it around, then you can bring it up. In a passive, conversational way, it becomes obvious that you’re doing well.”
  • Sell yourself, not your occupation. Since “I manage a hedge fund” no longer is a slam dunk for getting the girl, you may have to rely on your personality. Yeah….no….on second thought, you’re probably better off selling your occupation.

Source: Fortune


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