Is this guy right for you? Ask your Virtual Dating Assistant

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Busy women may need just as much help finding love online as men, but are they willing to pay $480 a month to do it?

Scott Valdez, owner of Virtual Dating Assistants, thinks so.  VDA launched in June and has been helping men create profiles, contact prospective matches, and set up dates. But frequent requests by women encouraged him to expended his company’s services to women who were just as time strapped and online dating clueless as their male counterpart.

“We filter through the masses for that one little gem,” says Valdez.

And anyone who’s looked for love online knows what a tough job that can be, so that hefty monthly fee guarantees clients 40 hours per month of dating assistance and at least two dates per month for his female clients. However, based on the experiences of his beta clients, Valdez says women will probably have about six dates per month.

VDA’s service includes more than just writing a nice profile.

The company is like the online dating version of SEO. Dating assistants update client profiles daily to keep them fresh and at the top of search lists — a tactic that significantly drives up response rates, according to Valdez. He’s found a lot of direct correlation between online dating and direct marketing, and uses similar strategies to help women target and attract men.

But for women, the best feature of this service may be the ability to have a guy screening emails for them. Profiles are generally written by the same gender writer as the client — Valdez says writers have writing in the voice of the opposite sex and he can almost always tell when a profile was written by a man or a woman–but VDA is working on a double screening process that enables emails sent to women to be screened by a man.

That second set of eyes will be able to read between the lines and identify the red flags warning of relationship incompatibility that a woman may misinterpret.

Women may or may not see the value of developing a marketing and branding strategy for their profiles. But the ability to have your own personal “He’s Just Not That Into You” filter for your online dating emails is priceless.


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