The new “double dating”

November 30, 2009 at 8:00 am | Posted in Dating Tips, Matchmaking, News | Leave a comment
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New dating tip: before going out on a blind date, check your rolodex to see if you've already met the person.

New question to ask before being set up on a blind date: Have I already been set up with her?

The only thing worse than an awkward blind date is being set up on another blind date with that same person. Again.

That really happened to Scott Alan Mantz, film critic for “Access Hollywood,” whose recent marriage to actress Andrea Ronni Sabesin was profiled in the New York Times Weddings and Celebrations:

Mr. Mantz’s moment of truth was on a particularly awkward blind date: “We met at the restaurant, and I realized I had gone out with her 10 years before,” he said.

Awwwwkward. Is the world really so small and the dating pool so shallow that if you stay single long enough you will run out of new people to date? Mantz’ story may sound extreme, but he’s not alone. A search on the subject quickly turned up another disaster about a woman who has been set up on a blind date with the same person twice multiple times.

If this happens to you, either fate is telling you something or you need to expand your search a bit. But until then there’s no harm in erring on the side of caution and asking for details before a setup while cross-checking your dating resume to make sure you’re not double dating the same person. Or ask for a photo.


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