Moxie’s Online Dating D-bag O’ The Week

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If you’ve been waiting for a reason to hire a profile writer for your or Nerve membership, now you’ve got it: your profile could get deconstructed by dating blogger Moxieinthecity.

Moxie is a networking event planner who, in addition to planning mixers and workshops around the country, offers dating advice to loveless and luckless readers on her blog “…And That’s Why You’re Single.”

And she’s looking for love online.

Bad for her dates who fail to impress, good for readers who get to benefit from her experience and wisdom. While most days she muses about her love life and dates, once in a while she flames nauseating online dating profiles she comes across, like this most recent installment of Online Dating D-bag O’ The Week:

I’m a freelance photographer, cinematographer and film-maker. Working on a pile of different projects at the moment (“entertainment,” luckily, appears to be a recession proof industry) including a genuinely funny comedy pilot, a feature film, a reality series that currently keeps me traveling the country, and…a few scripts of my own. When I have time, I produce stuff for other folks. This month I’m directing and producing a short I co-wrote. Busy.

(TRANSLATION: I’m such a bastard that I can’t work with anyone and can only work for myself.I;m also such a raging narcissist that I have to handle every aspect of a project because, well, nobody compares to ME. Take it easy, Spielberg.)

This guy breaks rule #2 when it comes to online dating profiles: don’t be braggadacious (#1 is showing scantily clad or shirtless photos of you –Not cute). The braggart comes in several flavors — the globe trotting traveler, the literary savant, the extreme sport tool–always easily identifiable by detail using a list of some sort in his online profile, like this guy who rattles off his “projects.” Apparently he thinks people are as easily impressed with his accomplishments as he is.

Online dating tip: If you’re going to be a resume rattling narcissist, don’t lead with it. Bury it at the end where we may have found something to like about you and can excuse a little self-promotion.

But while any experienced dater can point out the obvious dating don’t, Moxie takes it one step further delving into the psyche of our Clearly_Successful_Artist_Guy and calling him out for being 1) a control freak and 2) the scariest type of dater: the serial entrepreneur.

I might have missed that.

Read more of her deconstruction here.


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  1. Allow me to retort 🙂

    First, thank you for the mention. I appreciate the ReTweet as well.

    Second, let me highlight the most douchey part of his post:

    You should message me if

    …you’re smart, girly, nice, really hot. (yeah, I’m totally superficial in that way. And you shouldn’t message me if you’re not. I won’t write back. Sorry. It sounds horrible, really awful, and perhaps it is. But at least I’m honest.)

    As if he somehow gets cool points for being so “honest.” Wow. Men like hot women. Shocking. Call National Geographic. He’s right, it does sound horrible. And he knows that, which is why he said it. What he’s really doing by writing such a ridiculously intimidating and off putting profile is ensuring that nobody actually emails him. Because, really, who is going to out themselves as thinking they are “really hot?” Nobody worthwhile, that’s who.

    Now he can continue on in his belief that he’s just so staggeringly brilliant/intimidating/special that nobody is good enough.

    No dear, you’re just terrified that someone will meet you, look behind the curtain, and see that tiny little man sitting at the controls.

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