5 Reasons to Go on a Blind Date

November 23, 2009 at 9:33 am | Posted in Dating Tips, Matchmaking | Leave a comment
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Your friends may have the best intentions when it comes to setting you up on a blind date, but they don’t always have the best taste. Blind dates from hell make “You should meet my friend” seem like the five scariest words ever told to a single person.

But if you’ve sworn off meeting your friend’s friends, perhaps you should reconsider: 34 percent of married couples say they met through family or friends, according to The Pew Internet and American Life Online Dating survey.

Not convinced the odds are in your favor? Here are five reasons to accept a blind date:

You already have one thing in common: Many blind daters struggle to find common ground with a total stranger, but at least on a setup through friends you’ll be able to dish about someone you both know. If you both have the same friend, you will likely share other common interests.

Your friends won’t set you up with a douche: At least they shouldn’t. Your friends are your first line of defense when it comes to judging character, and with them arranging the date, you can be reasonably confident that he or she won’t be a total ass.

Your friends know you better than you think: Given the dating resume you’ve presented to your friends and family, they know you pretty well. More important than knowing ” your type,” they know the type of person you really should be dating instead of the losers who normally drive you crazy and break your heart. And better yet, they can warn your date of your dating deal-killers and hot buttons which will hopefully make the first date run a little more smoothly.

You’ve been meaning to expand your social circle anyway: It would be unfair to expect every blind date to be “the one” (plus it’s huge pressure on the matchmaker). But it could be the one who leads you to the one. Expanding your social network opens a lot of opportunities — romantic and otherwise. You may not find the perfect match, but you might make a new friend.

You might actually have fun: Breaking out of your old patterns and meeting someone new doesn’t have to hurt. In fact, make a point to enjoy yourself by trying a new restaurant or dragging your date to that movie you’ve been wanting to see but couldn’t find anyone to go with. But whether you explore a new neighborhood or play it safe at your favorite dive, dinner or drinks with someone new –especially if they have news stories to tell about your common friends– can be a surprisingly nice way to spend a few hours.


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