Single female seeking tall, dark, and good credit

November 19, 2009 at 7:00 am | Posted in Dating Statistics, Dating Tips, Matchmaking | 2 Comments
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Add this to the list of dating criteria you have to worry about matching out there.

Some matchmakers are checking credit scores along with dating preferences when it comes to new clients. But it’s not so much about gold-digging as it is about finding a compatible partner.

“Financial attitudes are a very important part of a match. Somebody who is budget-minded is not going to be compatible with someone who is going to spend it before they get it,” Perfectly Matched CEO Donna Shugrue said in an article about matchmaking.

The tough economic climate is forcing people to re-access what’s really important to them when it comes to the perfect date — financial stability is now a top-three dating requirement, she says.

What do you think? Would you refuse to date someone you liked because they had bad credit? Take our poll:




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  1. Everyone makes mistakes, what’s important is that they are working on at least repairing it or getting out of debt

  2. Agree with Jimbo, plus in matchmaking, when we discuss values with our clients, this comes up. (And yes, some clients want/demand credit checks on potential mates.) What we find is that some times there is an issue and it is the result of a mis-matched value with a previous spouse. In other words, the spouse ran up the credit cards, beyond the ability to pay, and it really mucked up the spouses credit score too! This happens a lot and it can be avoided if only people really disclose their values, especially about money, to their matchmaker and future mate. Some times a client will accept a date with a divorced person under these circustances and some times they absolutely will not. So, the best advice is to keep your credit clean and know the person you marry and share your credit score fate with very well and make sure you’re ok with their values about money.


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