If you thought your date last night was bad…

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I’d probably be doing it even if it weren’t my job, but I’m constantly researching dating and matchmaking stories online. While searching for first date tips, I came across an article that discusses the importance of rules in dating. I’m more of a “the rules” girl than not, but I have been told that they’re outdated. I mean, the rules don’t exactly address what to do when the guy brings his mom, but I think I could call an audible without the author’s help.

Basically, rules are good to have, but they’re better if they’re more like guidelines that are a little forgiving. I mean, everyone at some point or another has totally bombed a first date, so cut the other person a little slack, right?

But the best part of this Australian article about dating isn’t the tips about not nervously playing with your phone, which can be misinterpreted by your date, but the snippets from those on dating front lines:

Alex, 30: “He told me he ‘could be’ recording our conversation on his phone.”

Jeff, 29: “She told me that it wasn’t actually her I was talking to the other day on MSN, but her sister, but she’d printed a copy of the conversation so she could read it.”

Ari, 26: “He told me he collected proverbs and I needed to give him one by the end of the date.”

Jane, 55: “He booked a fancy restaurant to impress me, then on the way home he stops the car under the Punt Road bridge, opens the door and vomits – spraying my lovely new pink pants suit.”

Jacqui, 25: “I went on a date to a Thai restaurant where I accidentally flicked chilli into my eye. My eye and entire right side of my face puffed up. I was in so much pain I left not long afterwards. He never called again.”

Michael, 39: “He said he had an obsession with language, like Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind, except with words.”

Anonymous, 28: “My date took me to see Knocked Up at the cinema. Halfway through the movie, he left the cinema without saying a word and didn’t return for more than half an hour. When I confronted him at the end of the date he admitted that while he had a small drug problem, he believed me to be the kind of girl he could get clean for.”

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Source: Sydney Morning Herald


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