Tough Love’s first rule for dating: appear fun and uncomplicated

November 16, 2009 at 7:00 am | Posted in Dating Tips, Web Video | 2 Comments
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Is it really that hard to find a guy? For eight women, it’s a near impossible task that requires two matchmakers, a production team, camera crew, and a room full of practice gents in what producers call a dating boot camp, but is really more of an intervention with a 10-week rehab.

Last night kicked of season 2 of reality show “Tough Love” during which mother and son matchmaking team Adam and Joanna Ward try to match serial problem daters with hand picked relationship-ready young men. You wouldn’t think there’d be a flood of girls wanting to air their dirty dating laundry for 10 weeks, but more than 20,000 women applied to be on the show.

But Tough Love isn’t so much about matchmaking as it is about laying down a new coat of primer for next relationships. The VH1 show is the TV version of “He’s Just Not That Into You,” offering seemingly obvious coaching — such as don’t be weird– that your friends should tell you, but won’t, and even if they did would probably fall on deaf ears.

The new batch of girls step into last season’s problem palette issue for issue. There’s a single parent stripper, a wedding-hungry Southern belle, and a bat-shit crazy girl stuck in a time warp. The rules and repairs will probably be more or less the same this time around, but it will still be entertaining to watch the train wreck unfold, especially when Ward sprinkles a little bit of crazy into the mix with last season’s gold-digging (but now reformed?) Taylor.

Ladies, if you find yourself in need of Ward’s advice and can’t wait for 10 weeks to graduate to dating normalcy, here’s last season’s tips pulled from video clips available at

Don’t get ahead of yourself: Discussing marriage when you first meet a guy, that’s a one way ticket to Old Maids’ville… population: YOU!

Let men watch sports in peace: Don’t ask dumb question about sports. If you wanna know…just watch the game.

Keep your frailties to yourself: Don’t advertise your drawbacks, it’s very unattractive to men…

First impressions are everything! 9 out of 10 guys know within seconds if they want to date a girl.

Listen to us: Don’t just talk about yourself! Pretend you’re a talk show host — ask a question, but then share something about yourself. Ask yourself what Kelly Ripa would do.

Drunk ain’t sexy: Just ’cause you’re going to a bar doesn’t mean you need to get drunk. To calculate how many drinks you should have, tally up however many drinks it takes to get you talking about your daddy issues and subtract one.

We don’t care about your ex: Past relationships are a lot like passing gas in public — pretend it never happened. Never bring up exes to a guy, no matter how impressive you think he makes you.

Psychics and shrinks make us run: It’s a dealbreaker!

Don’t smell like grandma: Take it easy on the perfume! Too much smells like insecurity with a hint of desperation.

We don’t want to date a member of KISS: Lighten up on the eye makeup! Not everyone can pull off Gwen Stefani.



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  2. tough love is a great show for anyon that would love to date from a guy point of few. Steve and joanne ward are great matchmakers.

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